Eternal Praetorian

Lathe Class Monitor Cruiser


LATHE Class Monitor Cruiser
SHIELDS: Repulsor Single Void Shield
SPACE: 60 (used: 60) POWER: 65 (used: 65)
Weapon Capacity: Prow, Port , Starboard, Dorsal

Crew Disposition: Fanatical Crew Quality: Competent (30)
Crew Max : 100% Morale Max: 99%

Achievement Bonuses: Trade + 100 Explore + 100

Skill Test Modifiers
Social 10, Command 10, CMD/Hit&Run 30, CMD/Hit&Run (Def) 30, CMD/Boarding Action (Def) 10

Essential Components
Jovian Pattern, Class 4.5 ‘Warcruiser’ Drive (LC), Strelov 2 Warp Engine, Geller Field, Bridge of Antiquity (CL,C), Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Voidsmans Quarters, Deep Void Auger Array
Supplemental Components
Compartmentalized Cargo Hold, Augmented Retro Thrusters, Crew Reclamation Facility (Reduce Crew loss by 3, minimum 1. Increase morale losses by 1), Observation Dome, Teleportarium (Archeotech) (Can make H&R attacks without Piloting Test), Astropathic Choir-Chambers (+10 Focus Power Test, +5 VU Psychic Power Range),

Background Package
Thulian Explorator Vessel

Titanforge Lance Battery [Strength: 2, Damage:1d10+4, Crit Rating: 3, Range: 6]
Location: DORSAL
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside [Strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 5, Range: 6] Location: PORT
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside [Strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 5, Range: 6] Location: STARBOARD


The Eternal Praetorian is a Lathe class monitor cruiser; a light cruiser based a design unearthed during the crusade that conquered the Calixis Sector. Provided to the Explorator Fleets of Magos Thule, the Praetorian was at the forefront of the famed quest for a stable route into the Koronus Expanse. It was there, somewhere amongst the warp-tempests of the Great Warpstorms, that it was lost with all hands in M41, 189.
Five hundred years later, a limping tramp freighter of Rogue Trader Darian Cromwell was forced to leave warp in the midst of its traverse of the Maw. There, drifting around the dead planet known as the Witch-Cursed world was the Eternal Praetorian. The ship was dead, cold, and deserted – without a trace of its crew. Cromwell however, was unwilling to pass up the opportunity. His engineer managed to re-light her drive and a prize crew took her to Port Wander. Since then, the Praetorian has served under a number of captains, passed down through the Cromwell dynasty – all reporting strange occurrences and an ill aura surrounding the vessel. Some say an echo of the former crew remains on the ship and certainly something constantly disturbs the low-decks crews. However, having such a stout and unflagging vessel under their command means captains were unwilling to overlook the rumours.
Now the Praetorian is the last remaining warp-capable vessel of the Cromwell Warrant of Trade, all that remains of what was once a great trading fleet – the fortunes of trade and conflict have not smiled on the last few generations of the Trader house. Augustus Cromwell, the Lord-Captain of the Praetorian, says her ghosts keep her strong so she’ll one day lead house back to glory.

Eternal Praetorian

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