Qu'uab Vor'cle



As a member of the Navis Nobilite, Qu’uab has wanted for nothing her entire life. Wealth and privilege are part of her way of life, and she lives and breathes the traditions of both her family, and other Navigators, whilst also being an extremely devout follow of the God-Emperor.

As part of her tenure as a novice navigator, Qu’uab served on many ships under other Navigators who were often relatives of hers, and so her life has been quite insular, and she has never really had much contact with those who are below her station.

However it was on one fateful voyage that would change Qu’uab’s life forever, and threaten to shake her faith in her abilities, and that of the God-Emperor. Qu’uab was almost a fully-fledged Navigator when she was called to serve on one last voyage before she was deemed capable of being in charge of carrying a ship through the warp as the Head Navigator. On this voyage, something went wrong during their warp transition, and the ship came into contact with a being from Chaos.

This being tore through half of the ships crew before it was finally killed, but unfortunately for Qu’uab the horrific things she witnessed it do to people turned her skin translucent and took all the hair from her body, scars which she still bears to this day. Having being relatively naive before this time, Qu’uab was unprepared to witness such an event, and found that it was through guided meditation and prayer to the God-Emperor that she was able to keep her sanity, as it fell to her to steer the ship through the warp when the Head Navigator was killed by the creature.

Qu'uab Vor'cle

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