Lord Sector Marius Hax

Governor of the Calixis Sector


Marius Hax is an imposing man, standing over seven and a half feet tall with harsh granite-features and an unsmiling wrinkled face. Though well over two hundred standard years old, rejuvinat treatments see him looking like a man in his late fifties.

Hax’s manner of speaking denotes an instant air of authority and he always sounds as though he is dispensing sage-like wisdom. His style of dress is typically below his noble station – prefering simple dark adept robes or stark suits, instead of the trappings and finery of the aristocracy.


Born and educated on Holy Terra, Marius Hax was the product of an Order Famulous program to intermix bloodlines to create Imperial leaders. Little is publically known of his time on Terra before he was selected by the High Lords of Terra to take command of the Calixis Sector a little over one hundred and fifty years ago.

Now, Hax works as the consumate Sector Governor. His ability to take in and interpret the minutia of day to day sector management sees him performing the tasks that will normally be undertaken by an army of retainers. It is rumoured that Hax has trained himself to sleep less than four hours per night so that he has more time to oversee the Sectors vast administrative and financial records.

Based in the Lucid Palace on Scintilla, Hax is rarely seen in public and is not commonly given to granting private audiences. His reputation comes more by word of mouth than actual first hand contact – he is viewed as an unflinching, unsympathetic administrative stikler by the populace of Scintilla, though this is likely a gross over-simplification of Hax’s many complexities. What is true is that the Lord Sector is adept at giving nothing away to the people that he does meet with, and can easily manipulate people in to working for him, not realising exactly what they have signed away with their compliance.

Lord Sector Marius Hax

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