WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
30 43 32 37 35 54 50 48 45

Movement: 3/6/9/18
Wounds: 12
Corruption Points:3
Insanity Points: 10
Fate Points: 4
Skills:Awareness, Barter 10, Charm, Commerce, Common Lore (Tech, Underworld, War), Deceive, Disguise, Dodge, Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Archeotech), Inquiry, Literacy, Secret Tongue (Military, Rogue Trader), Security, Silent Move, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Trader’s Cant), Trade (Explorator)
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt), Pistol Weapon Training (Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt), Nerves of Steel, Ambidextrous, Autosanguine, Chem Geld, Light Sleeper, Hardy, Peer (Underworld), Hatred (Background), Unremarkable
Traits: Combat Focus, Seeker of Lore, Role: High Factotum
Armour: Xeno Mesh (Arms 3, Body 3, Head 0, Legs 3)
Weapons: Boltgun (90m; S/2/-; 1d10
5 X; Pen 4; Clip 24; Reload Full; Tearing), Inferno Pistol (10m; S/-/-; 2d10+4 E; Pen 12; Clip 3; Reload Full)
Gear: Cameleoline Cloak, Chrono, Auto Quill, Data-slate, Micro-bead, Multikey, Xeno Mesh, Synskin, Boltgun, Inferno Pistol, Two sets of Robes,


Cyquoraine’s Memories are very..fragmented. Even the name isn’t necesarily his.
Flashes of youth – a fortress world standing against the terrors of Space. A raid, where cackling tall and lithe humanoids flying menacing skimmers, hooking people with chains and tearing them apart, taking away slaves.
Drilling with weaponry, learning the Imperial Cant.


His first strong memory is floating in some kind of gel, or fluid. suddenly being conscious and panicing, lungs already burning with no oxygen. Then the walls slid back, the fluid spilled everywhere, and took him with it. on hands and knees Cyquoraine took his first real breath…and vomited.

Cromwell Explorers found the planet in the expanse, cold, airless and abandoned. while re-activating the machine spirits in the only facility they could find, they managed to power up the strange metal pod the man was stored in. Taking pity on this strange survivor, who seemed shell-shocked from his experiences, they bundled him in blankets and took him back to Calixis.
Since then, he has served the Family, first the previous Lord-Captain Cromwell – and then when he decided his Son needed to remain on Scintilla, the Younger Lord Cromwell.


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