Aoife Armengarde

Rogue Trader


While rumoured to be approaching her first century of age, extensive use of rejuvinat treatments sees Aoife still appearing to be in her mid-thirties, her grey hair the only sign of her true age. Aoife carries herself with a natural grace and an undeniable charisma, giving her an almost roguish charm.

Her dress style is typical voidfarer with some features that almost “mock” naval uniform. She is rarely seen without her xeno power sword, rumoured to have been claimed in battle against the Eldar Corsair Ulthyr Ellarion. Her right arm is also an intricately designed bionic replacement.


Aoife Armengarde is the current holder of the Armengarde Dynasty and, by extension, Lord-Captain of the Bansidhe – the Lunar Class Cruiser which serves both as the flagship and home of the Dynasty.

Daughter of the former warranty holder, Marcella Armengarde (the Dynasty holding a matriarchal tradition), Aoife was educated on Scintilla amoung the nobility of the Calixis Sector. Although she was expected to learn ettiquete, decorum and politics, she spent more of her youth adventuring in the lower hive. Her lack of formal training led to an incident at a gala hosted by a rival Rogue Trader Dynasty – the Machenkos, during which Aoife maimed one of the family’s scions during a ritual duel.

With her Scintillan training failing, Aoife was taken in to the Koronus Expanse by her mother where she remained until Marcella’s death several years later. Her time away however appeared to have matured Aoife, and while she maintained her youthful stubborness, she was also ready to lead her family to new heights.

Despite her mother’s attempts to arrange a marriage for Aoife, she managed to avoid the formal union, though she does have one daughter – Igraine, to an unknown father. Igraine is now being educated, as her mother was, on Scintilla. Aoife, meanwhile, continues her family’s exploration of the Koronus Expanse, particularly of the lucrative Winterscale’s Realm.

Aoife’s natural charisma has led to several well established tales of her exploits getting around. If everything can be believed, she has outwitted a Pirate Prince, reached the centre of the Dolorous Clouds, destroyed two Ork Kill Kroozers and bested a Eldar Corsair in martial skill. Whether or not these tales can be believed is up to the listener.

Aoife Armengarde

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